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The Future Dead
Siggy's Mother's Day Present
It’s just a typical Mother's Day visit home... for Sigmund Freud! Starring Lance Orion, Susan Irby, David Roman Daniels and Aarti Mann. Written by Matthew Schutt and Patrick M. Strong. Directed by Matthew Schutt. Series episode #9.
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Siggy's Mother's Day Present  (8:00)
It’s just a typical Mother's Day visit home... for Sigmund Freud!
Living  (5:34)
Sometimes two people can walk the same road, but never cross paths.
Beast of Burden  (9:45)
Identity Crisis (Part 4 of 4)  (7:20)
Why are you here? Who can you trust if you can't trust yourself?
Beached  (3:57)
When civilization pushes into the wilderness, the wilderness pushes back.
Another Hotel Room, 2:17 A.M.  (9:58)
Every hotel room has its secrets. Have a pleasant stay.
Homeschool Reunion  (9:02)
They say you can't go home again. That's probably for the best.
Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean  (7:35)
A teenage girl who has lost her family is cheered up by her crazy uncle at the funeral.
Identity Crisis (Full Version)  (29:38)
Who are you? Are you sure?
Identity Crisis (Part 1 of 4)  (7:13)
Who are you? Are you sure?
Identity Crisis (Part 2 of 4)  (8:07)
What is real? And what is not?
Let Me In  (3:18)
Official music video for the song "Let Me In" by Kelly Dalton.
Soggy Cereal  (9:54)
When you leave a bowl of cereal out for too long, it gets soggy.
Ease  (6:47)
Drifting back through the snapshots of your life takes surprisingly indifferent ease.
The Future Dead series trailer  (0:35)
Is it sketch comedy? Is it existentialist drama? Is it weird sci-fi? Yes, all of the above.
Glue  (6:27)
It's what holds everything together.
Patients  (3:51)
It's Christmas in the waiting room from Hell.
My Husband Is So Hot  (4:17)
Consider some important safety tips for your spouse and vehicles this summer season.
Standing Still  (9:41)
If you're not following your dreams, you're just standing still.
Identity Crisis (Part 3 of 4)  (9:57)
Where are the answers? And when will it all become clear?
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